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TRADE SHOW: Gives Hunters Place To Trade Any-Deer Permits
09/13/2010 by Travis Barrett
Before anyone asks you that age-old autumn Maine question “Get your deer yet?” someone will invariably ask you if you got your doe tag yet.
OK, so technically, it’s an “any-deer permit” but it means the same thing. Get picked in the free lottery and you get your choice of buck or doe in the woods this fall.
But what if something happened along the way?
What if your cousin bought a piece of undeveloped land in Vassalboro last week or that place you used to stalk for whitetail deer had a big “POSTED” sign placed on it by summer’s end? An any-deer permit in that district isn’t going to do you much good now, but you also don’t want it to go to waste.
Easy fix, folks. is a Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife-endorsed web site that allows hunters to swap their permits with one another. For about $10, a hunter can sign-up and let the computer match his or her unwanted any-deer permit with someone else’s – ensuring that permits don’t go unused and that hunters leave happy.
Now all you have to do is get your deer.
Welcome to

Happy 2013 to our fellow Hunters!

As the air cools down and the leaves start to turn colors, some look at this as the end of Summer. We look at it optimistically as the Beginning of Hunting Season! Of course many of you are like we are and experience "Hunting Season" year round. Continued success is more skill than luck, and knowing the woods, what is there, and when they travel can enhance your outdoor experience several-fold. We are already many months into clearing trails, planting and tending food plots, building or maintaining stands and blinds and watching trail cameras. Filling the freezer is just the last step in this enormous undertaking.

The herd looks pretty well in Central Maine. The permit numbers are up and if you are here we assume you were drawn for your Any Deer permit too. Congratulations. If it was in a district less desirable than another you would prefer to hunt, maybe we can help facilitate a transfer to help you enjoy your hunt even more.

If you can, please Introduce a new hunter (or 10) to the outdoor experience we are so passionate about. The young new hunters are the future of wildlife management in Maine and passing down our outdoor heritage and time honored traditions is indeed an important task.

If you have a photo or 2 you are proud of please submit them to our Trophy Room. We are happy to host them and share them with the world.

Please consider joining the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine. You can find them at:

Have a great hunting season. We hope you bag that trophy of a lifetime, make some new memories and enjoy the Maine woods to the fullest capacity. Most of all, have fun, and be safe!

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